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Playground spaces often have areas for playing informal games of various sports, such as soccer fields, hockey rinks, basketball and volleyball courts. For those communities who pride themselves in their favorite team sport, Kan-Go-Roo Playgrounds can provide your outdoor space with the right sports equipment to complete your dream space while creating those special community moments to pass down for generations to come.


Over the years, multi-purpose rink systems have been improvised and constructed out of a wide assortment of materials that included snowbanks, bales of hay; and tree trunks bound together. Here at Kangoroo, we have perfected our aluminum frame and resistant UV stabilized puck boards to withstand the harshest year-round weather; while creating lasting community memories for all visitors.


Skateboards, BMX bikes, freestyle scooters and inline skates have been propelling youth, teens and adults all around our cities and towns. Building a skatepark has many benefits for your community; it adds an area for safe recreation for youth and teens, promote a high level of physical activity and can add a renewed cosmetic appeal. These parks can be arranged and rearranged for the novice skateboard to expert veterans.

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