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KanGoRoo : Canadian-made outdoor play equipment for proud, vibrant and play-driven communities!

Play equipment and structures to build vibrant, healthy communities

Our team designs and manufactures inclusive and accessible play structures for the happiness of all. We always keep in mind the objective of finding a perfect match corresponding to your physical environment and your budget.

Whether this is your first playground project or you’re a seasoned veteran, we’ll work with you from design to installation to create a space your whole community will love.


Our play equipment turns the schoolyard into a place where kids can play, laugh and develop their motor skills.

Daycares, preschools and early childhood centres

Most of our play structures are designed for child development from the age of 18 months on (for play that is active, sensory, creative, imaginative and more).

First Nations communities

Our team designs and builds play equipment that respects the values ​​and culture of First Nations communities.

Parks and leisure

For municipalities and organizations wanting to add any kind of play area to their properties and facilities.

Sports facilities

For sports lovers seeking space to exercise and get active: soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis, volleyball. Activities for every interest!

Our lines of play equipment and outdoor furniture

With our product lines, we can design outdoor spaces that will delight people of all ages—and even our four-legged companions.

Playground equipment and play structures

Choose one of our turnkey play structures designed for children aged 18 months to 12 years. Add some of our stand-alone components to complete your layout. Explore our offering of swings, seesaws, climbing structures and more!

Outdoor furniture

Our team designs and manufacture sustainable, high-quality street furniture, including picnic tables, park benches, trash cans and bike racks. Available in different styles, sizes, colors and price ranges. Find what you’re looking for.

Équipement de skatepark - RedRailed

RedRailed skatepark equipment

RedRailed is a series of skateboard ramps and accessories designed to withstand the harsh Canadian climate. The aluminum equipment is durable, lightweight, and easy to move into any configuration.

Équipement de parc à chien - DOC Agility

DocAgility dog park equipment

Give your community’s dogs play areas to run free and have fun. We’ve got everything they need from ramps and jump rings to tunnels. Our DocAgility equipment meets the same construction standards as our playgrounds.

KanRink outdoor rinks

Our KanRink system has two distinct product lines to suit all levels of outdoor rink activity. Choose from our standard sizes or customize to your site’s size and sporting regulations.

KanSport sports facilities

Explore the dynamic world of KanSport, your one-stop shop for exceptional sports equipment. Whether you need sturdy basketball hoops, high-end soccer goals or net systems for exciting sports matches, we offer a wide range of options to raise your game.

Projects that have helped create vibrant communities.

Customers happy with their new playground

KanGoRoo was interested in our project from the start, even without having the contract. Subsequently, Kan-Go-Roo assisted us in all aspects of the development of our playground, financing the project, choosing equipment from different customers to save us equipment from different customers to save us funds, installation planning. Kan-GoRoo is truly superior service through and through. The bonus, his equipment is also of superior quality!

Helene Devarennes, Director
Grande-Digue School, New Brunswick

KanGoRoo exceeded our expectations! They were very attentive to our needs from start to finish. The technical assistance during the installation was very efficient and professional. It’s a good choice to ”jump in the game” with KanGoRoo.

Amelia White ”Mia”, The EPO Society Playground
Pubnico-Ouest School – Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia

The playground equipment purchased through KanGoRoo Playgrounds enhanced our youth’s cultural knowledge and has fostered community pride and involvement. It has given the children of Michipicoten First Nation the opportunity to play in a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Kara Heffel, Finance and Personnel
Michipicoten First Nation – Wawa, Ontario, Canada

I am very satisfied with KanGoRoo’s playground equipment. It is beautifully colored and easy to assemble. The children of Warden enjoy their newly installed park. I highly recommend purchasing from KanGoRoo.

Lorrie Wheeler Giroux
Village of Waden, Quebec, Canada

Kangoroo’s unique design method

We’re proud to manufacture high-quality outdoor playgrounds right here in New Brunswick that meet the dreams, needs and budgets of our communities.

To achieve this, we guide you through creating your play area.

Step 1: Imagine your playground

What real goals should your dream playground meet? Who will visit the site? What is your budget?

These questions have an impact on the choices you’llmake. From your very first meeting with one of our project managers, we’ll guide you through all these considerations. Then, our industrial designers will build your custom equipment to exacting standards.

Step 2: Analyze the site you’ve chosen for your playground

Does the land you’ve selected have any physical constraints? Are there any existing structures to take into account? Where are the access points? Should the equipment be accessible?

Using the answers to these questions, we’ll be able to help you choose your structures.

Step 3: Design the playground layout

This is the stage where everything comes together.

We’ll make sure your playground meets the highest safety and construction standards and that it’s inclusive, so people of all ages and abilities can enjoy it through several types of play (active, sensory, creative, imaginative, manipulative and social).

We work with three-dimensional plans to help you create the best design for your space.

Step 4: Install your playground equipment

There are many options available for installing your equipment depending on your organization’s or community’s situation.

You can install your structure yourself or you can have it installed by our team or one of our partners. We’ll also give you advice to prepare the space for your structures’ requirements.

Step 5: Celebrate and maintain your play area

After all that effort and anticipation, communities are encouraged to inaugurate and celebrate their new play area. There’s no better way to bring it to life!

Once the celebrations are over and daily use of the space has begun, we encourage regular checks and maintenance of the structures. We continue to partner with communities for maintenance. Find out more about our warrantees.

Would you like to know more about each step in planning your playground project?

Do you want to add life to your community with a playground or recreational infrastructure?

Contact us!