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It is official!

Our production facility has been approved again this year by IPEMA. This means we can test the safety and compliance of CSA Playground Standards on our products we manufacture for your community playgrounds.

Thank you Shivam for going above and beyond in making sure we not only pass our yearly inspection, but pass with high remarks and praise for our testing methods and attention to detail!

For more information about IPEMA check out their website:

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Grants are a great way to help stretch your fundraising dollars to enhance the characteritics of your community park. Grants also allow you to make your playground accessible for children of all ages and abilities. 


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Kan-Go-Roo Playgrounds is a locally owned and operated manufacturing business based in Atholville, New Brunswick. Our business employs over 20 employees in departments from sales, designing, engineering, and welding. We remain loyal to our roots and are proud to create rewarding jobs in a rural Canadian community.

Everything we do is driven by play;

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