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Driven By Play since 1993

Dear Playground Enthusiasts,

Kan-Go-Roo Playgrounds is the only manufacture and certified IPEMA member in the Maritimes;  providing your community with highest quality certified playground equipment! Our business helps create jobs in our provinces and contributes to the economic prosperity and quality of life in the Northern New Brunswick.
Kan-Go-Roo Playgrounds Ltd. can cater to all your playground needs;
1.) We have a great variety of Playground Equipment, Skateboard Parks, Park Furniture, Doc Agility Parks, Hockey Rinks, and various Sports Equipment.
2.) Our “Kangoroo” Experience is our client process that walks them through the needs analysis, design process, production steps, and the final phase of installation of the equipment.
3. )  We pride ourselves in taking extra steps in providing a safe and healthy environment by having a fully licensed CSA inspectors on staff who is part of every design process.
4.) We choosing only North American made plastic products and coat all decks with reflex coating, creating a nonslip surface for hours of safe play.

Kan-Go-Roo Playgrounds Ltd. calls on all our Schools, Municipalities, Townships, Villages, and Rural communities for their future purchase of playground equipment. Check out this website and our facebook page to see for yourself that Kan-Go-Roo Playgrounds Ltd. is the right choice to design and manufacture your play space needs.

Sylvain L.
Owner; General Director

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Grants are a great way to help stretch your fundraising dollars to enhance the characteritics of your community park. Grants also allow you to make your playground accessible for children of all ages and abilities. 


Atholville, NB  Canada

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Kan-Go-Roo Playgrounds is a locally owned and operated manufacturing business based in Atholville, New Brunswick. Our business employs over 20 employees in departments from sales, designing, engineering, and welding. We remain loyal to our roots and are proud to create rewarding jobs in a rural Canadian community.

Everything we do is driven by play;

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