Our Advantages

Over the years, multi-purpose board systems have been improvised and constructed out of a wide assortment of materials that included snowbanks, bales of hay; and tree trunks bound together. Here at Kangoroo, we have perfected our aluminum frame and resistant UV stabilized puck boards to withstand the harshest year-round weather; while creating lasting community memories for all visitors.

The KanRINK system is offered in two distinct product lines to adapt to all levels of outdoor rink activities. Chose from our standard sizes or customized the dimensions to fit sports regulation or your site area. Don’t forget to add various sporting equipment such as soccer or lacrosse goals, basketball hoops or any other equipment associated with your communities favorite sporting activity.

Our design experts customized the multi-purpose rink system to be easily installed and maintained. The innovative board components reduce setup and dismantle time; requiring only two to three people to install. We also offer various anchoring options to make sure everything stays in place on any type of surface.

Our systems have been designed and tested for maximum material expansion in extreme weather conditions: from our hot summer days to our coldest winter months. This outdoor-engineered product and professional grade components provide a 20-year product life.



Everything we do is driven by play;

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