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We understand what a big investment playground equipment is for your community and the positive lasting impact it can have on your community members. Our dedicated staff can create your dream playground and park layouts based on your budget, project requirements and site dimensions. Our products are manufactured in-house right in New Brunswick, Canada and can be customizable to your community’s unique characteristics. Our full line of outdoor commercial play equipment is built with only the most durable materials to ensure that your investment withstands the test of time, mother nature, and the toughest of kids.

Product Features

Traditional Play

Our Traditional Commercial Playground Structures are designed for children ages 18 months to 12 years old; designed with principles to engage children in multiple types of play; such as active, sensory,  imaginative and social. These structures have a traditional visual aesthetic and are available with the 3.5” or 5” post. These structures will be keeping children of all ages motivated, moving and most of all having fun in the beautiful outdoors!

Themed Play

Our Themed Commercial Playground Structures are designed for children who love pretending; from sailing away in ships to imitating their favorite character exploring a new place! Our themed playground equipment is designed to stimulate children’s' imaginations while developing their physical skills. All structures are designed for children ages 18 months to 12 years old but are tough enough for adults to play too!

Inclusive Play

Inclusive Play for children allows equal access and participation in all playground opportunities. It is important that a community playground is a place where children with a wide range of ages and abilities can play together. All children have strengths and by understanding the range of different strengths within your community, the playground equipment will bring all children together, instead of dividing them by abilities.


We offer independent playground components to enhance and ensure endless hours of imaginative play. Our independent components are a great way to add more play value to your space without investing in a complete playground makeover. Teeter-totters, spring toys, balancing activities, slides, swings, and climbing walls; there are many options to accommodate your community’s wish list.


Kan-Go-Roo Playgrounds is more than just great commercial playground equipment. We carry a wide spectrum of outdoor sports equipment; including ice rink systems, skateboard park components, and our newly added dog parks. We can also make your outdoor sports space complete with basketball hoops, soccer nets and other various sporting needs. Don’t forget your park amenities for visitors; such as trash cans, tables and benches!

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