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Commercial playground equipment made in Canada

KanTheme structures: Themed playground equipment

Our themed commercial playground structures are designed to spark kids’ imagination and develop their physical skills. With our playground equipment, kids can climb aboard a sailboat or pretend to be their favourite characters! Get inspired by our themed structures to create a vibrant playground that brings people together. 

All structures are designed for children aged 18 months to 12 years, but they’re sturdy enough for adults, too!

Discover KanTheme structures

KanRec: Independent components for your playground

Add even more excitement to your playground with our wide selection of independent components, including seesaws, spring toys, climbing structures and activity walls. There are plenty of options for kids who want to spend hours playing in the park with family and friends.

Our independent components make it easy to add elements to your site, without having to completely rearrange it. 

You can even combine them with a new play structure! Give everyone in your community and their families an enjoyable and vibrant experience with KanRec.

Discover KanRec structures

KanClassic: Playground structures for free play

The KanClassic series offers playground structures for children aged 18 months to 12 years. KanClassic playground equipment inspires free play. 

Free play is voluntary, unstructured activity that allows children to develop their imagination while they explore their surroundings. Our structures encourage free play by stimulating children’s creativity as they run, jump and enjoy the great outdoors.

Discover KanClassic structures

Playground structures that bring communities to life

Testimonials from satisfied customers about their playground equipment

KanGoRoo exceeded our expectations! They were very attentive to our needs from start to finish. The technical assistance during the installation was very efficient and professional. It’s a good choice to ”jump in the game” with KanGoRoo.

Amelia White ”Mia”, The EPO Society Playground
Pubnico-Ouest School – Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia

The playground equipment purchased through KanGoRoo Playgrounds enhanced our youth’s cultural knowledge and has fostered community pride and involvement. It has given the children of Michipicoten First Nation the opportunity to play in a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Kara Heffel, Finance and Personnel
Michipicoten First Nation – Wawa, Ontario, Canada

I am very satisfied with KanGoRoo’s playground equipment. It is beautifully colored and easy to assemble. The children of Warden enjoy their newly installed park. I highly recommend purchasing from KanGoRoo.

Lorrie Wheeler Giroux
Village of Waden, Quebec, Canada

KanGoRoo was interested in our project from the start, even without having the contract. Subsequently, Kan-Go-Roo assisted us in all aspects of the development of our playground, financing the project, choosing equipment from different customers to save us equipment from different customers to save us funds, installation planning. Kan-GoRoo is truly superior service through and through. The bonus, his equipment is also of superior quality!

Helene Devarennes, Director
Grande-Digue School, New Brunswick

Things to consider before installing playground equipment in your community

Before you choose the equipment and components for your play area, here are a few things to consider:

What type of terrain will your playground equipment be installed on?

Who will be using the play area?

Who will install the playground structures?

Do you want your playground to have a theme? 

What is your budget?

Would you like help planning your next play area?