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Recreational and playground equipment for your organization or municipal park

Learn more about our variety of products and bring your community to life. From themed playground structures and ice rink systems to dog park equipment, we have everything you’re looking for to create a play area that everyone will love.

Outdoor playground equipment

Whether you’re looking for themed playground equipment, structures for free play or independent components, we have everything you need for your play areas. 

KanTheme structures: Stimulating the imagination of kids aged 18 months to 12 years

Our KanTheme themed playground equipment is designed to spark children’s imagination and develop their physical skills. 

KanREC: Independent components for playgrounds

Add even more excitement to your playground with our wide selection of independent components, including seesaws, spring toys, climbing structures and activity walls. There are plenty of options for kids who want to spend hours playing in the park with their family and friends.

KanClassic: Free play for kids aged 18 months to 12 years

The KanClassic series inspires free, unstructured play, allowing kids to develop their imagination while exploring their surroundings. 

Park furniture for parks and outdoor recreational spaces

Our product catalogue showcases high-quality park furniture, including picnic tables, park benches, bike racks and garbage cans. 

We’ve created park furniture for parks, playgrounds, schools, daycares, businesses and other venues. Our furniture items come in a variety of styles, sizes, colours and prices, so you can find just what you’re looking for.

Équipement de skatepark - RedRailed

Skatepark equipment and structures – RedRailed

Our RedRailed products are sure to thrill skateboarders, BMXers, scooter riders and rollerbladers alike. Made of Allied steel with no heavy metals, our ramps are light, easy to move and require very little maintenance. Our TGIC-free powder paints are also lead-free and safe for the environment.

Your skatepark can be designed and rearranged to accommodate skateboarders of all skill levels.

Équipement de parc à chien - DOC Agility

Agility courses for dog parks – DocAgility

In addition to providing a place for our furry friends to run off leash, you can also give them a space to socialize and develop their skills. Your four-legged friends can enjoy tunnels, hoop jumps, ramps and other obstacles in a controlled environment.

DocAgility dog park equipment offers the same quality as our playground equipment and will ensure a steady flow of users for years to come.

KanSport multisports equipment

Create playgrounds for your community to play soccer, basketball, volleyball or tennis. 

Our playground equipment is the perfect addition to your outdoor play area. There’s something for everyone! Find the right sports equipment to create lasting memories in your community.

We even have bleachers and team benches available on request!

KanRink outdoor ice rink

Over the years, versatile rink systems have been improvised and crafted using all kinds of materials: snowbanks, hay bales, tree trunks—you name it! 

At KanGoRoo, we’ve perfected our technique and now manufacture ice rinks with aluminum frames and shock-absorbing, UV-resistant panels.

We’ve designed the perfect ice rink for your community hockey games. You can even transform your rink for other uses in the summer using our nets and accessories.

Different colour options for our playground equipment

To find out more, consult our color chart in PDF.

How to install our playground equipment

There are three possibilities for installing our playground equipment. 

By a professional contractor
Make sure they have a CSA inspector on their team.

Supervised by a KanGoRoo-certified installer
We’ll find you a playground installer with CSA certification. 

By your team
We’ll give you a step-by-step guide to make sure you meet CAN/CSA-Z614 standards. If you have any questions during installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Learn more about our installation methods on our product sheet.

Playground equipment maintenance

Inspecting and servicing your playground equipment will extend its life and reduce the risk of injury. The frequency of inspections and maintenance depends on the type of equipment. Our team can advise you during the design stage. 

For more information, please refer to our fact sheet on best playground maintenance practices.

KanGoRoo warranties

We offer different warranties for different types of structures and parts. Ask your project planner for details.

For more information, please refer to our warranties sheet.

Would you like help planning your next play area?