First Nations

Our First Nations inspired play series will bring your community’s cultural and historical history to children and visitors of all ages. These playgrounds are a big hit with any children and their families, and they offer a great way to educate your community about your unique characteristics. Kangoroo has designed play structures, climbers, panels and many other cultural themed components to create a one of a kind playground design to set your space apart from all the others!

Nature &

From gardens to tree houses, when children play and learn in nature they do so with more engagement, imagination and cooperation. Kangoroo offers natured themed playgrounds designed to have kids and families visualizing themselves in the center of a magical forest or among the fairies in a secret garden. Our designers have created structures, independent components and activity panels to spark a combination of adventure and the wonders of the great outdoors.


Trains, boats and automobiles are a big hit with children from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific. They love the imitation play that various types of transportation provide. Incorporating transportation themed playground equipment can provide a unique play area allowing children’s imaginations shine bright. These components give a play site the personalized identity that encourages greater play participation among children of all ages and abilities.

Fantasy Lands

The circus, castles and far off planets take a child’s imagination “to infinity and beyond!” Kangoroo offers unique details in these fantasy land playgrounds; from complete structures to activity panels with custom graphics. All these fun sensory options give children a cool way to explore the Milky Way Galaxy; training a herd of elephants; and to find gold with the secret treasure map without ever leaving the safety of their community.

Everything we do is driven by play;

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